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Read More About the Scorpio Woman The men of this sign are not like other astrological sign men.

Dating one man is similar to dating a Scorpio woman.

They are generous in the extreme and will give you their last Cent, but sometimes they will display signs of jealousy – and a near-possessive nature.

Scorpio Male Love Traits: A perfectionist who wants to be recognized for his achievements. When Scorpio man marries he will be making a lifetime commitment – he does not make this commitment lightly.

When theyloves you (and is not just sleeping with you) – it’s obvious. Either he or she doesn’t love you – or (just as likely, mind you) you just don’t understand their way of loving.

Scorpios are passionate, powerful, and patient partners.

The Scorpio lady is extremely emotional, challenging and affectionate.

The lady of this sign is loaded with talent and secrecy…

For a Scorpio true love is essential in life and family is more important than anything else.

He needs to think he’s always in control and taking the lead in relationships. This man never does anything by half-measures so you need to take him seriously.

Direct by nature, if he doesn’t like someone they will know it straight away .

The woman of this sign is very frisky and seductive. SCORES FOR SCORPIO1 – 35 POINTSYou are the type of Scorpion who is more adaptable than flexible.

She doesn’t easily give her heart away because her weariness to trust other folks. Does changing jobs scare you or make you feel insecure? You are less stubborn and capable of waiting for things.

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Beyond all of that alliteration, they really do love deeply – so deeply, in fact, that they can have a hard time verbalizing.

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