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Oh, and then there’s the fact that some bloggers are earning six-figure incomes.

But before you become Chiara Ferragni-level successful, you need to start at the beginning.

This guide will teach the apprentice ripper the right to surf a wave, not to drop in, not to snaking and other useful things that will keep you on the right side of more experienced surfers.

If you are serious about surfing and want to be ready for that first session, find out what you need to know in the run up to arriving at the beach. You need to be strong, flexible and have excellent endurance.

The better you prepare, the more fun you will have: you'll be fit and ready, have the right gear and be at the right place. The fitter you are, the longer you'll be able to surf for.

The faster you can paddle, the more waves you'll get.

Here are the most useful sections on Surfing Waves to get your surfing career up and running.

It's important to get the right gear in order for your surfing to quickly progress.

The main barrier to progress is starting on an unsuitable board. Also learn about the other pieces of equipment like the surfboard leash, wax and surfboard fins.

: The first thing to consider is how strong a swimmer you are, and how far you can swim.

Paddling around in the sea is not the place to be if you are used to wearing a rubber ring to keep yourself afloat at the local swimming pool.

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