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University of Texas therapists say you can minimize conflict between you and your partner’s relatives by taking the time to talk about your relationships with your respective families.

So if you hate cooking, go ahead and ask your partner if he/she would prefer to take charge in the kitchen, while you agree to wash the dishes afterward. Having sex with someone else in the bed you share with your partner? It’s worth having a sit-down discussion about what exactly constitutes cheating in the context of your unique relationship. Aaron Ben-Zeev writes on Psychology that people have different ideas about whether a virtual connection is actually an instance of infidelity if there’s no in-person interaction. The truth is, you can totally love someone from a different cultural or religious background, but that doesn’t mean your different upbringings won't prove challenging at times.Because learning about your partner’s communication style, especially when he/she wants to talk about something that’s bothersome, helps prevent big blow-ups down the road.Relationship expert Rebecca Hendrix writes on The that it’s useful to think back to a recent quarrel and analyze it to see how each partner approached the situation differently.” It’s also a good idea, Wagner said, to decide which partner will be the main financial manager (although he/she always needs to keep the other partner informed).Wait — why would you talk about fighting if you’re not actually mad at each other?

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