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Shourd is now advocating for change with the group Solitary Watch.

Two thirds of incarcerated women are mothers of a minor child.

“You have non-violent women being shackled at childbirth on a routine basis in this country. “While they’re there the goal should not be to torture or degrade them.” Warden Chippendale agrees. The goal is to have them leave more educated, with job skills and ultimately become productive members of society, Chippendale says.

Dayani has taken advantage of a multitude of programs at Jessup.

Now 32, gaining wisdom and clarity, she fully owns what put her there. Somebody died, somebody’s child, somebody’s brother. Dayani collects prison recycling, which she likes, because it involves moving around the facility.

“The more stuff that I do, the more moving around, the less I feel locked away,” she says. In the past 25 years, the number of women caught in the criminal justice system has skyrocketed, according to the ACLU.

She’s earned a college degree, and has been very active in the prison’s Canine Partners for Life program.

Women are receiving long sentences for non-violent offenses, which takes a toll not only on them but their families.While Jessup has mostly female correctional officers, the majority of women’s prisons around the country have men guarding women.If an abuse occurs, the women stay silent for fear of retaliation.The ACLU has found a reported 85 to 90 percent of women in prison have a history of physical and sexual abuse. “Unfortunately, when they get into prison, those histories of trauma and abuse often replicated within the prison itself,” says Amy Fettig, senior staff counsel for the ACLU’s National Prison Project.By that, she means sexual assaults behind the walls, at the hands of prison staff. From her experience, sexual assaults by guards is a common theme. “Male officers will bring Victoria’s Secret garments in, and have sex with the women. Sarah Shourd, one of three American hikers who were imprisoned in Iran, says while her experience was hardly a picnic, “In Iran, you will never have a male guard in a female section.

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“When they get to prison, they often form families.

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