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In a new book, former Tory MP Sir Richard Body recalls being poured a drink by King. She is moving into a new home with boyfriend Jacob Anderson.‘He poured about four fingers of brandy into a lager glass and filled it up with the best part of half a pint of sherry.’ Another MP recalls that King was once so plastered he could not climb the steps up to the Speaker’s Chair. Aisling, who starred as Agnes, the department store’s pretty accessories assistant, has been dating fellow actor Jacob for two years and the two have been sharing a house with friends in North London.

But actor Mark Strong is in a quandary about being a subject for the show himself.‘It’s very much a blank canvas, and yes, I’d love to find out much more.’ Mark’s mother changed his name by deed poll, believing he would fit in better at school with something that the other youngsters could pronounce.

Jagger is resisting Jerry’s demands that he relinquish half-ownership in the house which has views over the River Thames and into Richmond Park.

He, after all, now lives in a stylish Thameside pile in Chelsea.‘Jerry desperately wants to do what she considers is the right thing for her three elder children by Mick,’ I am told.

Fittingly for a club named after a monarch, the latest list of candidates up for membership at snooty Queen’s reads like a young royals’ Who’s Who.

Among those hoping to join the £2,000-a-year tennis club – which counts Prince Edward and the Duchess of Gloucester as members — is Prince Harry’s multi-millionaire pal Arthur Landon, 31, whose mercenary father Tim was known as the ‘White Sultan’.

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One of his proposers is George Percy, heir to the Duke of Northumberland and a former consort of Pippa Middleton.

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