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Combined with acids, ammonia forms salts which are of immense value to agriculture. It is generally prepared from the ammoniacal liquor obtained as a by-product on distilling coal. He published several volumes of poetry as well as other works, but he is best known by his Journal Intime, published after his death, and translated into English (1885), with a critical study by Mrs. It shows great critical and philosophical power, but is pessimistic. Ammeter (short for ampere-meter), an instrument used for the measurement of electric currents. On his return he first held the chair of sthetics, and then that of philosophy. Many animal substances, such as bones, clippings and shavings of horn, hoof, &c., and certain vegetable matters yield ammonia when heated. Ammoniăcum, a gum-resinous exudation from an umbelliferous plant, the Dorēma ammoniăcum.

r represents both English r, and r in foreign words, which is generally much more strongly trilled. Ammergau (amer-gou), a district in Upper Bavaria, having its centre in the villages of Ober and Unter Ammergau. For direct-current measurements where a high degree of accuracy is of first importance, a "moving-coil" ammeter is invariably used. in the measurements in wireless-telegraph and telephone circuits, the "hot-wire" ammeter is used. In cases where absence of inductance in the instrument is important, e.g. It was taken by the Germans in 1870, and again in 1914, by General von Kluck. (1911) 93,207.—The Peace of Amiens, concluded between Great Britain, France, Spain, and the Batavian Republic, 27th March, 1802, put an end for a time to the great war which had lasted since 1793. Amlwch (amlh), a seaport in North Wales, Island of Anglesey. He was an imitator of Michael Angelo without his inspiration and genius. The "soft-iron" ammeter can be used for both direct and alternating currents, is inexpensive, and is sufficiently accurate for commercial use. Having water communication with the sea by the Somme, which is navigable for small vessels, it has a large trade and numerous important manufactures, especially cotton and woollen goods. Amirante Islands (antā), a group of eleven small islands in the Indian Ocean, lying south-west of the Seychelles, and forming a dependency of Mauritius. Mark's Place at Venice, a colossal Hercules at Padua, and after the inundation in 1557, which destroyed all the bridges of the Arno, built the celebrated Trinity Bridge at Florence, finished in 1570. Soft-iron keeper magnetized by magnet and acting as resistance. Cylinder turning within B, and actuated by current entering at C1, and flowing through spiral wire (not shown) at base of D, and through coil on cylinder to terminal C2. The types of ammeter and the principles upon which they work are as follows: (a) Soft-iron type, the action of a magnetic field on a piece of soft iron; (b) moving-coil type and dynamometer type, the action of a magnetic field on a current-carrying coil; (c) hot-wire type, the expansion of a conductor due to the heating produced by the current; (d) induction type, the action of a magnetic field on the eddy currents produced in a metal disc.

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