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God's ideal for marriage is that is be a permanent union between one man and one woman for one lifetime.

Anything else is something other than that which God intends for me to be involved in. One girl heard her pastor preach on marriage and he was forceful that it was to be one man for one woman for one lifetime. " She was looking for a husband to met some need she felt and was willing to take the first fellow that came along.

God's Word speaks to the issue of divorce in the passage we will consider the next time we take up this chapter. There have been times when being single was a badge of shame.

In ancient Greece, unmarried girls were thought to be prostitutes.

In 1989, the Census Bureau noted that 39.9 million singles over the age of 18 had never been married.

Those who have been gifted by God with the gift of celibacy have been given special control over their sexual drive and urges.

Then when you consider that as of 1987 there were 11 million widows and 2 million widowers you can see that there a whole bunch of people who are not living the married life today.

There used to be a time when people who reached their adult years in a single condition were looked down on, and considered inferior to others. Many are making a conscious decision to remain single.

The Jews considered unmarried girls to be a shame and a disgrace to the family name. Jewish men who were single were said to have "slain their posterity and to have lessened the image of God in the world." The Jewish belief in marriage was so strong that they even taught that "a Jew who had no wife; or who had a wife but no children," was automatically forbidden from entering Heaven.)Now, with all that in mind, we must remember that it is alright for a person to be single if that is the Lord's will for their life.

I believe that we can say with all honesty that it is not God's will for most, but for those whom it is, God will give the necessary tools to meet the need. Lee, but felt the Lord would have him to remain single, and as a result, God richly used him and blessed his life.)1. 26-32 Singles Generally Have Less Distress - Singles typically face less demands physically, emotionally, materially and financially. Generally speaking he needs of singles are less that those of their married counterparts. Then, in verse 32, Paul uses the word "carefulness." This word speaks of stress and strain.

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