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I no longer have the program listed in my start menu and there's no icon I can pin to my task bar. This app merely prompts you to download the Skype for Desktop app, which is terrible to use with a touchscreen or on a tablet.I've tried uninstalling multiple times and it appears the windows update created and "old" file so I cannot uninstall Skype completely to reinstall a clean copy. And now the Skype for Desktop app comes complete with highly annoying and terribly intrusive ads.No clues on the screen or any help file I could track down.Turns out you drag the image (with your mouse - if you aren't on a tablet) up or down the screen - and can the drop it back where it was in the chat.Now you can continue to chat without having to close the app and re-open it!!!(I hope Jamie reads this) The new version of Messenger is a major disappointment to earlier versions: 1) It takes 30-40 seconds to start up the app, before it was not more than 5 seconds.Very badly made,good for "brief" messaging,but overall 1 star. If you rarely turn off your PC/close this application I recommend restarting messenger once every couple of days as will use up more and more system memory if left (probably due to a memory leak somewhere).

6) The UI design in general is not consistent with W10M, like the send button is an arrow in all Windows app, here it is just written "send" instead. 7) Not to mention that an ugly blue tile is covering now my display.New design is better but there is no transparent tiles so I can't keep it on top of my screen anymore. The only reason I'm adding a review is to tell people about a "bug" that I couldn't find an answer to.If you open an image in a chat - so you can view it full screen - I couldn't find a way to close the image - to return to the chat.Video link with camera that works fine for other applications broken (does not even show video device available with no way to debug).The most recent Windows update has totally screwed up my Skype.

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