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V10.08 - 2010-08-07 - exec updates TESTCU - Updates to termcid Thanks to Hartmut TESTCUHT - Minor update - used to debug XMITIPCU XMITIP - Add day of week to DATE SMTP header record XMITIPCU - Correction for the tcp/ip socket code to prevent closing all sockets ** Thanks to Carol Samaras ** V10.07 - 2010-07-07 - exec updates XMITIP - Correction to mail header alignment to resolve issues with the new z/OS CSSMTP server and other servers closely following the rfc XMITIPI - add sysname to the temp xmitjcl dsname XMITIPSP - 01.14 Data-Tronics (JC Ewing), reset linec in New_Split to avoid spurious lines when seploc on row 1. V10.05 - 2010-05-11 - exec updates (most from Hartmut) LDAPMAIL - updated to use XMITLDAP for LDAP server info and improved testing for addresses XMITIP - fix fax blank page - add parm ADDRBYP to bypass rewriting of address: list of special email addresses - separated by blank(s) - generic supported (only 1 '*') like NN*FAX.XMITIPCU - add parm ADDRBYP - generic supported (only 1 '*') like NN*FAX.XMITZEX1 - add parm ADDRBYP - generic supported (only 1 '*') like NN*FAX.XMITIPZP - Update from Brian Walker to prevent zip outdsn 44 chars (infozip) - misc updates IVPJOB - very minor update UDSMTP - updated to reference the source UDSMTPS - the source for UDSMTP in a gzip tarball - panel updates XMITIPXJ - alignment of comments V09.12 - 2009-12-01 ** Majority of updates thanks to Hartmut Beckmann - exec updates XMITIP - add parameter ...

- remove leading '%': testcu, concode, txt2pdf (support compiled exec) TMSGQ - remove leading '%': xmitipcu (support compiled exec) - add error routine V09.04 - 2009-04-20 - Many updates to change my e-mail address - exec updates XMITLDAP - changed to be more generalized XMITIPID - changed to use the new XMITLDAP XMITIPML - changed to use the new XMITLDAP XMITIPMU - some additional quotes *** - many others (all) for my e-mail contact change - misc updates IVPJOB - Step 1 survey info changed LDAP - updated for new generalized info V09.03 - 2009-03-17 - Update authors e-mail address in multiple places - exec updates (most thanks to Hartmut) TESTCU - support additional parms for log (LOGIT) XMITIP - Correction for ldap validation failure *lbd* - improved logging - support additional values in var special_chars from xmitipcu cp_used sp_chars cp_info - enhance %logit mode (i.e.

thx to Jean-Marc LUCE - Process Restrict_HLQ option from XMITIPCU to restrict usage of select system hlq's - Use last 2 qualifiers for infozip zip dsn thx to Jean-Marc Luce XMITIPCU - Improve comments for default_hlq definition - Add new restrict_hlq variable - Allow multiple domains in the restrict_domain list - Add new default_lang variable - Clean up zip_hlq for infozip model thx to Jean-Marc Luce XMITIPI - Correct hlq for batch jcl data set - Append trailing quote if msgds or file have start quote (same as ver dsnameq) - Honor (but doesn't use) restrict_hlq variable from XMITIPCU - Honor (but doesn't use) default_lang variable from XMITIPCU XMITIPMU - more quotes XMITIPTR - Update to Spanish table thx to Vicente Zafra Ruiz - Remove default_lang (now in xmitipcu) - Add to translation tables "This e-mail originated from sent" - misc updates (installation pds) OLDOS - new exec to call OLDOSE edit macro to change ver dsnameq to dsname in all panels OLDOSE - ispf edit macro to do the change - panel updates XMITIPAS - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) XMITIPCP - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) XMITIPF1 - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) XMITIPF2 - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) XMITIPF3 - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) XMITIPF6 - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) XMITIPF8 - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) XMITIPGC - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) XMITIPIA - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) XMITIPLA - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq) XMITIPVP - Change ver (..,dsname) to (..,dsnameq)V5.18 - 05/19/04 - exec updates RECEIVE - Update to prompt for unit for target data sets SMTPSTAT - Clean up report for text pages TESTCU - Support new XMITIPCU variable SYSTCPD VXMITLOG - Change to use only needed variables from XMITIPCU XMITIP - Move antispoof date from XMITIPCU and enable NLS translation for it XMITIPI - Correct problem with batch steplib dsnames * thx to hartmut beckmann - Support new XMITIPCU variable SYSTCPD to generate the SYSTCPD DD for Batch submission XMITIPCU - Move antispoof date out to XMITIP - New variable SYSTCPD used in XMITIPI XMITIPMU - Updated with new quotes XMITIPTR - Added Dutch language from Alain Janssens - misc updates TXT2HTML - updated TXT2HTML users guide V5.16 - 05/11/04 - exec updates XMITIP - Change to delete temp data sets regardless of the return code from txt2html, txt2rtf, txt2pdf - Support new txt2hmtl options XMITIPI - Level change only to match XMITIP - Support new txt2hmtl options XMITIPFE - Remove nullifying the variables at end of exec TXT2HTML - Support for CSV to HTML Table by Alain Janssens - panel updates XMITIPCC - Correction to the panel displayed thx to Joe Schwarzbauer XMITIPF1 - Support new CSV to HTML options XMITIPF6 - Support new CSV to HTML options XMITIPHH - Support new CSV to HTML options XMITIPZH - Support new CSV to HTML options V5.14 - 04/30/04 - exec updates XMITIP - Correct &month-n and other &xxx -1 calculations to remove bogus periods - Use variable null instead of "" consistently XMITIPI - Use variable null instead of "" consistently XMITIPTR - Replaced by XMITIPDT - Correction for missing call to set_tables and enhance to translate entire passed string. month day, year) - Support XMITIPCU From2Rep option if 0 then REPLYTO must be specified if 1 then REPLYTO will be set to FROM if no REPLYTO - Better diag message if gdg on tape or not found - Correct bug is msgdd is pds member and filedd is tape XMITIPCU - Update to document the new value option for From_Default - New From2Rep option - New Date Format option - Move date for antispoof from xmitip XMITIPDT - **NEW** Site customized date conversion exec XMITIPI - Better diag message if gdg on tape or not found XMITIPMU - 2 new quotes XMITIPSP - Changes by Joe Schwarzbauer - Exit only if SEPLOC ROW specified and no CC in the input DCB RECFM (modifies v0.09 mods) - Remove requirement for control statements (except * for comment) to begin in column 1.

- Thx to Horst Mademann for the Portuguese Brazil table - misc updates IVPADDR - minor reformat and cleanup V5.12 - 04/22/04 - exec updates CONDCODE - Corrected test for highest condition code XMITIP - Correction if using MSGQ (was failing) XMITIPFE - Change pool to PROFILE XMITIPI - New default setting QUIET to control the display of the XMITIP Log. - panel updates XMITIPXB - add &edate XMITIPXJ - add &edate XMITIPXS - redesign popup help information XMITIPX3 - add &edate - installation pds IVPJOB - add test of &edate symbolic SDSFEXT - Updated to document INPUT option V5.06b - 03/15/04 - exec updates XMITIPCU - Change jobnumber to jobid and use code from Hartmut Beckmann V5.06a - 03/14/04 - exec updates XMITIPCU - correction for job number V5.06 - 03/11/04 *************************************************** **** Major Change in the ISPF Panel for XMITIP **** **** it has been redesigned to conform with **** **** other mail clients.

It does require more customization to the code but if you need this capability you'll want this.

V5.38 - 10/08/05 - exec updates XMITIP - Correct for HTML with Sensitivity usage and when used with the RESPOND option - If Message text is HTML then set Sensitivity to Bold and Red - Correct Murphy and Signture if using HTML message text XMITIPCU - 1 new quote XMITIPTR - French thx to Francois Bourgois V5.36a - 07/05/05 - exec updates SDSFEXT - added the latest 1.9 version XMITIPCU - fix a few minor typos V5.36 - 06/02/05 - exec updates TESTCU - updated to support jobid and jobidl XMITIP - get jobid and jobidl from xmitipcu and replace jnbr by jobid i.e.

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PDS(CHANGES)__________________________________________ xmitip.update2.rtf___________________________________________ ziprtf/changes.rtf/p/10/let__________________________________ updates-to-xmitip-in-rtf_____________________________________ .6_ .6_ .6_ .6_ _ XMITIP.

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