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But men are not the only crazy people in the world, and they are definitely not the only crazy people on the internet.And while 98 percent of the submissions I get to Annals of Online Dating are from women who get insane messages from dudes, there are a handful of men who send in details of terrible women.Let me go through a scenario with you all; You're a long-time singleton in a full-time job and little spare time to meet other people. All I can say is that I can't prove what sort of person I am except through those who know me.So you decide to get yourself on a dating website for the chance to speak to new people. Of my friends that I have many of them say how they like spending time with me, and how I always go out of my way to help out others and make others happy.

Even if you can’t find someone emotionally stable and actually single, at least pretty girls abound on internet dating sites.

It’s been readily established that the vast majority of creepers on internet dating sites are men.

It’s not because men are inherently more awful than women – some women are TOTALLY AWFUL! -- but because men are culturally conditioned to be the aggressors in relationships.

After making sure you've hit all the salient points (never once going to the route of "ure so sexy", you don't want to be a creep online), you send off the message and wait for a reply. Would like to get to know you better." Just because we're online doesn't mean we want guys to be all on top of us.

You politely explain that you're sorry if you've sent her the same message again, but you weren't sure if the last message got through. I know it's a strangers word to take on face value, and that many would judge me and assume I must be some awful individual, one of those fake "nice guys".

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