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Not to be confused with the other ads where women hold telephones and ask you to call them NOW.Perfect for those whose overwhelming fear is that conversation may dry up.", "error_birth_month_required": "Birth month is required! ", "error_birth_month_invalid": "Please enter a valid birth month!", "error_birth_year_required": "Birth year is required! ", "error_birth_year_invalid": "Please enter a valid birth year!Speed dating allows you to speak to numerous different people at one event, and to find out whether you are compatible before seeing if you are a perfect match.It can feel a little daunting when you arrive for your speed dating event and see so many strangers in the room.

Please choose a valid email address.", "error_wrong_username_password": "Identification impossible.A bit like a blind date but with the people who set it up also being present to oversee the blossoming relationship of mutual friends. Many people view dating as a single persons pursuit, but a new website has carved a niche for itself setting up people who want to have their cake and eat it.Speed dating in Belfast is ideal for those who simply don’t have the time to look for dates in the traditional way.Please check your email address.", "error_my_gender": "You have not specified what you are looking for!", "error_agemin": "You have not specified minimum age!

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