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We have Madeline Miller coming for Circe in May (our first author event with a major publisher!

), I'm working with Harper Avon to set up an author-curated romance section, and we're in the process of getting an author presentation for our community center's Civil War series!

Choose for a partnership where your brand is daily visible to thousands of visitors,..info Make your event complete with one of the various catering formulas.

NAIBA expects every publisher to respect the relationships between the local bookseller and members of their community.

In the afternoon we welcome your company with an extensive buffet or you can..info The rent-a-park formulas of the Plopsa parks give each event an exclusive appearance!

Think completely out of the box and welcome your staff, clients and businessrelations at the most unique eventlocation of the country!

Make your event complete with one of the various catering formulas.

Start with a breakfast and welcome your guests for a day full of magical moments!

Catapult and Counterpoint Press had been doing this in an unorganized and intermittent way already, wherever we had existing relationships with stores or when an author was local to an area.

It's a little bit of effort on my team's part that goes a long way towards sustaining a community we claim to value as champions of the culture we're trying to create.

Publicity speed dating event has now become the single most beneficial thing I've done this year.

A group of seasoned booksellers have volunteered their time to share their expertise in various store operations.

They can offer advice and assistance to NAIBA members whenever you need it.

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