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For example, I insert a simple Object to the database User, which has three fields: firstname and lastname and age: User user1 = new User(); user1Firstname("john"); user1Lastname("dew"); user1Age(16); user User(user1);// This call is actually using the JPARepository: user Repository.save(user); Ok all is good. JPARepository has only a save method, which does not tell me if it's create or update actually. public class Save Or Update Method Example Output: Hibernate: insert into Employee (FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME, ID) values (? Let’s see how it can be used along with entity persisted with save() method.

I would guess it makes more sense to use update() but I save Or Update() does manage to create new records, but it does not update them.also added functionality of insert, update and delete customer.display and insert methods for the customer is working fine. In discussion of save() method, we forgot about case where we had to save persistent entity in another session and that got resulted in duplicate key error. This is the correct way to work with persistent entities. Strictly speaking, you should use save Or Update() with even non-persistent entities.

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But, considering I just want to use spring-data-jpa and the JPARepository, how do I tell it that instead of an insert I want to do an update? by a query, and then change appropriate fields of the object your found.

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