Ssri activating sedating

Therefore someone will likely have tried many different antidepressants, and in some cases several augmentation options before a psychiatrist will consider prescribing this potent combination.

The response you experience when taking Effexor and/or Remeron may dictate whether this combination strategy is pursued.

The percentage of improvement was significantly greater under all combination treatment strategies.

Below are the percentage of people that improved with combined options.

The researchers in this study recommend Remeron and Effexor as being a great option to consider for those who have found no benefit from 3 different antidepressant medications.

There are several benefits of taking “California rocket fuel” to treat depression.

The major benefit is that this combination tends to have a moderate degree of efficacy among individuals diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression.

Although research with this particular combination strategy is not extensive, there are several studies demonstrating its high degree of efficacy among those with refractory depression.

In all studies, the “rocket fuel” proved to be more effective than other antidepressant combinations.

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