Tao of dating for men

The system is “rejection proof” and it gives you step by step instructions for seducing any girl – even the hottest one.The guide explains that attracting women has nothing to do with good looks and money, but rather with the psychology of attraction.His failures made him want to look into how the female psyche works and figure out his errors.After taking years to research dating, he became a professional pick up artist and dating coach.

This is an ebook that also comes with some training videos and various audio tips.

The book is a guide that offers commonsense advice that will teach you exactly what to do and say to have amazing success with women.

It’s a very popular program and it has already been used by men all over the world.

He is known for being a dating expert and he has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows.

He has also worked as a consultant for a cosmetics company.

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The book will show you all about how to embrace your manhood and understand male and female gender roles.

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