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You can also use “get taxi” app – works like a charm but might finish your bank account real fast. More tips by women, for women traveling alone in the Middle East – here.Please ask to switch on the meter when you get in a taxi. What I do know is that you are going have quite the adventure if you follow my warning signs. For NYC the first tip that comes to mind is about the subway.I would beware of some pockets of Manhattan at night like E125th.Areas in Queens like Liberty Ave you should avoid (a woman got her purse snatch in front of me there once), some outer parts of Brooklyn like Canarsie, East New York, etc can also get a little rough.Bars/areas to walk: I’d say use situational awareness in any part of NYC at any time of day but especially at night and when alone.There are plenty of women owned/operated bars that have a good vibe like “Butter and Scotch” in Crown Heights on Franklin.In the evenings these areas are always populated with other bar goers and are relatively safe.

São Paulo is a big city so actually everyone should be aware on the streets, specially with their cell phones.It’s not rare to see thiefs riding their bikes and taking the cell phones from someone’s hand while they are texting or calling someone.I would advise every tourist to keep their phones in the pocket and hold tight when taking a picture on the streets.Surely, when sitting for coffee all by yourself you’ll make a lot of new friends, who will mostly want to know where are you from, how do you like Israel so far and give you a detailed list of where and what you should eat.They might even skip the list and invite you straight over to their mama’s house for a nice Shabbat dinner (watch out if it’s a Moroccan family as the food might be extra spicy! We have uber, it works here perfectly fine, a lot more expensive than anywhere in the world, but hey, so is the rent here!

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