Terminally ill dating

Ask yourself what you want to do and what you want to have done in your life by the end of it all.

Then you should think about how you want it all to end. I saw what Alzheimer´s does to a person, I don´t want to go through something like that and I especially don´t want to make my family and friends go through that, if I would be in such a situation I would end it myself as soon as I would realise that the disease makes me lose control over my body or mind.

There are some points you should think about before you enter a relationship as a terminally ill person.

Dealing with lose is a part of life but knowing that lose is coming sooner than normal would be too hard.My question is would any of you consider dating a terminal person?I’m having difficulty thinking that a person could enter a relationship knowing any future in it would be gloomy at best.Finding love is a rare thing, and if you find someone you can love and who can love you back, then it's not something you should just pass up on.That being said, be blunt and honest about your condition.

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