The book i kissed dating goodbye

In this book he tells why he rejected dating in favor of courtship, and he calls on his readers to do the same.

He believes courtship represents a better and more biblically-faithful model of beginning and building a romantic relationship.

For many Christians, this was the first time they had considered the issue.

Harris was not interesting in re-introducing ancient models of courtship and romance as much as he wished to call couples to consider dating with purpose. It was read and discussed in youth groups around the world and caused countless teens to consider an alternative to casual dating.

Since 1997, a multitude of books have critiqued or affirmed Harris’ approach, while others have nuanced it, often teaching similar principles but without the use of the controversial word “courtship.” Courtship has continued to be a hot-button issue, especially in very conservative Christian circles.

It was Harris who established courtship as a legitimate alternative to dating, and it is feasible that the modern courtship movement would not exist had it not been for , a book he wrote after marrying his wife, Shannon.

His parents were pioneers in the Christian homeschooling movement which was only in its infancy while Josh and his siblings were growing up.

Christians were forced to examine what they believed about romantic relationships.

By 2001 had sold 714,000 copies and received ECPA’s Gold Book Award (given to books exceeding 500,000 copies sold).

Four years later it had reached the million threshold and was awarded the Platinum Book Award.

Most importantly we need to make sure that our convictions are shaped by scripture—not culture, church culture or my books.

propelled Harris to the public eye and gave him a wide platform.

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