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Protocols specify the sequence and format of messages to be exchanged.

We can consider a protocol that allows the receiver to request a re-transmission across a data-link (on message error): This protocol is inefficient due to a cross over of data and control messages. Protocol layers exist to reduce design complexity and improve portability and support for change.

If the socket is not the issue, try taking a closer look at the power cable or charging port on your phone, ensuring everything appears as it should.

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Infrared data communication is playing an important role in wireless data communication due to the popularity of laptop computers, PDAs, digital cameras, mobile telephones, pagers, and other devices.

The Infrared Data Association (Ir DA), an industry-sponsored organization, was established to develop and promote international standards for the hardware and software used in infrared communication links.

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According to researchers at the California Institute of Technology, teleportation is the duplication or re-creation of physical objects or their properties using light beams.

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