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Said Kane (), "It's great, because you go to work and you're playing one character and then you get to play a character inside of another character.That's the great thing about this show, is you can develop your character and really get to know your character, but it's not over there. In each episode of "Leverage," the team of unexpected do-gooders does the impossible while fooling evildoers into submission.Nate (Timothy Hutton) comes up with a plan to right some awful wrong, while Sophie (Gina Bellman) quarterbacks the con, Hardison (Aldis Hodge) checks the tech, Parker (Beth Riesgraf) "acquires" resources, and Eliot (Christian Kane) knocks heads (and some common sense into the players).stars Academy Award winner Timothy Hutton as Nate Ford, a former insurance investigator who finds his life changing drastically in the wake of a tragedy.Ford ends up teaming with a group of career criminals - fearless thief Beth Parker (Beth Riesgraf); computer fraud expert Alec Hardison (14235486.html'Aldis Hodge); a "retrieval expert" (AKA, the muscle), named Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane); and an actress named Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman), who uses her skills as a grifter.maybe we'll make it .' And then the line just keeps moving.

I sort of looked at it as, he draws a line here and then by the third choice, he goes, 'Well…And people might not be used to that, because they're used to seeing us all in a certain way.But it's great, because they've let us grow and let us sort of expand, and so you get to see each of us try new things out.She's not the quiet loner fans saw in the first season of "Leverage." "Yeah, it's cool.I've really enjoyed it, actually, this season," Riesgraf says.

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  2. Oh hi, i know it's literally late for wathcing this drama. I love the songs, casts, how they can play their cast well. Came back from So Jisub fan meeting last month and i'm so glad i watched Oh My Venus! Funny and romantic movie I must say Sm A-one of the very few Koreans with such curvy shape! Amazing cast who gave me good vibes and made me cry at the same time. just finish watching the full episode.INDEED IT WAS A GREAT ONE! A part two can continue with the fun and also show how to have a healthy pregnancy and how they'll learn to balance it all. So Ji Sub & Shin Min Ah has good chemistry & deliver. Shi Min Ah is very cute, first time I watch her drama :) Love the friendship between three of them. This drama is so real...story is about life around us...don't give up if there is any obstacles....... ) I agree that the drama is quite boring, playing with the plot of overweight. ) There was nothing much, no story and predictable. After the car accident, the drama was getting more interesting and it ended well. series Warm and Cozy and Master's Sun way better than this .. I really loved the actors and characters, but the story just never gripped me (except one episode involving an accident).

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