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The New I-66 Tolls Offer Great Insight Into Commuter Psychology.

Commuters okay with a road being illegal to use (except for certain groups), but angry when it was legal to use but with a very high toll.

Contra Turkheimer and others, a new team finds no tendency for environmental influence on intelligence to be stronger in the poor, not even in the United States.

[EDIT: Or maybe it doesn’t contradict Turkheimer, just show his results don’t extend to adults] Also, even though the obvious evo psych explanation for bitter taste is that it’s supposed to warn us of potentially toxic molecules, there’s no real relationship between bitterness and toxicity.

Also, the US House of Representatives is “one of the world’s most undersized” legislatures.

Sam Altman on the increasingly repressive climate in the Bay Area; makes some of the same points as my article about Kolmogorov complicity, but better, and with more personal experience. Related: GSS survey data shows high IQ predicts “free speech absolutism”.

Fredericksburg Academy Summer Camps 10800 Academy Dr., Fredericksburg, VA 22408 Contact: Todd E.People Learned To Survive Disease; We Can Handle Twitter.Interesting take on cultural evolution including a micro-review of new James Scott book.A combination of health-relevant, politics-relevant, clickbaity, and groundbreaking new science. The latest thing AI is outperforming humans at, this time very close to my heart: fantasy cartography. I can vouch for them as good people; see also Zvi Mowshowitz’s I Vouch For MIRI. less market freedom seems to be pretty big explanatory variable; being in Latin America doesn’t help.Percent of people in different countries on who think life is better vs. This article purports to rank all generals and prove that Napoleon was the best.

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