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Until more evidence is gathered, it is difficult to deduce anything certain about the originating culture.Source: Description: In southeast Turkey stands the oldest temple in the world.

Gobekli Tepe changes everything archaeologists discovered so far and it is considered the most important archaeological find in recent history.Powerful evidence suggests that this underground complex existed ever before even the Pyramid Age, and might well reflect an African origin to the roots of ancient Egyptian religion.It might also hold the key to answering claims that in the vicinity of the Sphinx is a lost Hall of Records.Klaus Schmidt, the man who first discovered Gobekli Tepe says the carvings might be the first human representation of gods.Source: 12,000 year old underground city, in southeastern Turkey, is made of massive carved stones, crafted and arranged by prehistoric people who apparently had not yet developed metal tools or even pottery.

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Beyond, on the hillside, are four other rings of partially excavated pillars.

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