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Patrick is arrested, Julie's father is safe, and Julie starts having a crush on Tobe.

Once Sheriff Williams arrives at the police station with Patrick, he questions why he killed Doug, having nothing to do with Patrick's scheme.

Tobe believes Julie, and threatens to shoot Patrick, but finds out he has no bullets.

Patrick swings at Julie, but Drew shoots Patrick in the arm and disables him.

Upon arrival, they meet their boss Patrick (Peter Guillemette), another counselor named Drew (Christelle Ford), who is teamed up as a co-counselor with Julie, and a few other counselors.

The teenagers get to work, bringing in food, cleaning, etc.

Her attacker is revealed to be Jason, who fled the area because he was worried that Dean would tell about him cheating on Julie with Whitney, and also because he was worried the police were after him. There, she deduces the killer is Drew when she sees that Drew's father was Bill Anderson, the man that Nelson Hammond killed for revenge.

She confronts Drew, but is quickly proven wrong when the killer appears and attacks them. Julie runs into Patrick, and then Patrick reveals he is the killer.

She quickly returns to camp, trying not to act scared, and Dean is killed by the murderer.

Everyone joins in, with Jason being it, and Jason and Dean play a prank on one of the counselors Brad (Dave Smigelski).

After the game, Dean witnesses Jason making out with Whitney. The next morning, Julie begins asking her fellow counselors about the whereabouts of Jason.

Dean cannot provide an alibi, so he is taken in for questioning.

Julie encounters Henry again who tells her about her dad and a name of Nelson. Brad is killed next by the masked murderer and he goes missing, and Dean is released.

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