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On April 14, 2010, it was announced the creation of a new group JUNSU / JEJUNG / YUCHUN by the three members that started the legal disputes.

On November 23, 2010, SM Entertainment announced Tong Vfang Xien Qi comeback including only two members, U-Know and Max.

This single sold a total of 300,000 copies becoming TVXQ's best selling single.

In October 13, they release their debut album TRI-ANGLE.

Five months later, in June 24, they release their second single, "The Way U Are" wich debuted at #2 on the charts and becoming the 9th best selling record of the year, selling 214,069 copies.

With their concert in Malaysia, they become the first Korean artist to perform in the country.

In March, 2006, TVXQ released their fourth Japanese single, "Asu wa Kuru Kara", and their Japanese debut album, Heart, Mind and Soul.

"Sky" debuted at #6 on the Oricon charts and sold 26,890 copies, it was their first release to enter in Oricon's top 10.

In this same summer, the group performed for the first time at avex's annual nationwide concert tour, A-nation. In September 2006, the group returned to Korea for the release of their third album, 'O' - Jung・Ban・Hap.

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The Album was the best selling album in Korea in 2006 and sold more than 400,000 copies.

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