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They've spent months renovating the building, which they bought in April.

Members come from throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

We seek to be a leader in guiding Unitarian Universalism in the work of anti-racism, anti-oppression and multiculturalism, and to collaborate and partner with other UU organizations to realize a shared vision for excellence in ministry.

The denomination is known for its liberal approach to theology, and many members do not believe in the trinity or the divinity of Jesus."In our church, the majority were earth-centered, so I chose to emphasize that," said David Minesinger.

"The church had been struggling with that question for several years."Pleasant Valley's literature reads this way: "We respect the Earth we live on and seek to live in harmony with all who share it.

"I've hardly ever found colleagues who are interested in or able to carry on any informed and significant discussion on religious questions, so I share the frustration of folks who wish there were fewer UU political/social cells, and more UU churches."He added, though, that he stays with the UUA because "there is still more freedom to pursue what I believe is honest and responsible religion than there is in any other denomination."To the founders of the new AUA, however, theistic UU groups do not have a strong enough voice in the UUA and are not welcomed or respected nearly enough.

Reprinted by permission of the Dallas Morning News.

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