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My husband and I are currently updating our house after being inspired by HGTV’s Love It or List It!

Turns out Provo Craft (the makers of the Cricut) sued "Make the Cut" and "Sure Cuts A Lot" so that they can no longer sell their products to work with the Cricut. There is a trial version that also works, but creates a big diagonal slash cut through the finished artwork.

Here are some competing products which can be used with Make the Cut software though I have not tried these products specifically, they look like they do about the same thing Klic-N-Kut computerized craft cutter Pazzles Inspirationamazon Boss Kut Gazelleamazon USCutter MH/Lazerpoint This revelation came to me from another instructable: How to make custom scrabble tiles to whom I am grateful! (Please no flack from the anti-windows peanut gallery. Let's all try to get along)."Make the cut" software. There is a competing program called "Sure cuts a lot" that works on Mac Intosh, though I have not tried it. USB cable with standard type A and standard type B connectors (Not included with the cricut.)USB serial driver which comes with the free trial download of Cricut Design Studio.

A search turns up these other instructables with similar information using different software: create solder paste stencils with cricut, and cut out hearts with cricut. I'm using a Cricut, but because of the lawsuit, you should probably use a different craft cutter, like the brands mentioned on the first page. You'll need to download this in order to get the appropriate USB driver to make this work.

In this case, you would just use the settings in the software to choose the paper size.

Here is a You Tube video that illustrates how to change the roller width. v=th CTcsuj DHc&feature=related Blade problem: You mentioned that you adjusted the settings.

Our furry housemates are a tuxedo cat & 4 year old English Mastiff.

As a note, however, you can use smaller pieces of paper on the 12-inch cutting mat without adjusting the rollers.

For example, sometimes I just want to cut out one bird image or a name.

For regular 80-pound cardstock, such as Stampin’ Up Whisper White, the blade should be set at 3, speed at 3, thickness at 33. When the blade is set higher than needed, the tip of the blade chips. The bad news is that you will have to get a new blade. I spoke with them on several occasions and they sent me a new mat and a new blade.

In fact, over a period of a couple of months, they sent me three new blades, until finally, one of their support staff explained to me about the blade settings.

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