Updating flack vests

Have you ever played with that weird goop (sometimes called “oobleck”) that you can make by mixing water and corn starch together in the proper proportions?

You know; that stuff that’ll ooze through your fingers if you hold it in your hand, but feels hard as a rock when you try to squeeze or punch it?

Note that the small wooden fence around the garden has been scooped up and lies draped over the hub of the propeller.

One crewman is clearly shown carrying the same flak vest.

The black color contrasts with the vest to make it stand out more and the photo authenticates the item displayed.

The camera dollys more and we see the girl from the left and in the background the houses, the girls mother dropping something and running to her yelling her name. The dust is settling and now the camera shooting from the right of the planes plexiglass nose slowly dollys in .

The camera dollys back to a full frontal of the girl, dogs still yapping, now you see the plane very close and beginning to set down. All that metal sliding and plowing forward through the garden fence and finally coming to a halt. The dust is gone and we see the bombardier lift a hand and do a curl of the fingers to wave hello to the very little dusty girl standing 12 inches from the nose of the plane who tries to return the wave. The kit bags are bulging with equipment and three flak vests can be seen.

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Shown in the background is a foam core foldable display board I picked up at the local Office Depot store. I photocopied some photos from different sources that show flak and flak damaged planes.

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