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What terrible fan service for players who won’t take the time to understand the games’ nuances and learn to play. I didn’t play it a lot already because of their ineffective gnasher changes and just becoming uninterested, but this is just stupid and reaffirming I shouldn’t waste time on this game. Also, the loadout system is a relatively new concept to Gears. The fundamentals of the game are built on the Lancer/Gnasher, power weapon, movements pillars. Lancer crossing/moving for angles are a you're getting team fired on by all hb's you have less than a half a second to respond due to the damage.

you have time to do something if you're getting shot at from lancers.

As a longtime Gears fan since the first game, I cannot state enough how this disappoints me.

They remove it because it becomes powerful when multiple players on one team use it?

Once they released the 60fps path it just became unbelievably stunning.

I haven’t played the campaign in a little while but acts 3-4 are amazingly eye-capturing.

the story was bland, and 60% of the campaign is just plain boring, with uninteresting missions, and boring bullet sponge enemies. The March Update has arrived in Gears of War 4, bringing with it 11 new achievements, Core Hammerburst loadout changes and more! Xbox One, broadband internet (ISP fees apply) and Xbox Live membership required. Xbox Live and broadband internet required for initial download of game to console.first mission of Judgement im facing the regular troops, the Boomshot, the ones that ressurect others and dodge your stuff, the ones with the shiled.10x more engaging than what i got in Go W4 IMOGot it when it first came out and it was always one of the better looking games for Xbox.

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