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Universal credit is rolling out across the UK, replacing tax credits and other benefits for working-age claimants.However, whilst universal credit is currently available in all Jobcentre Plus areas in Great Britain (and is being introduced in Northern Ireland from Sept 2017), whether you can claim in your postcode area depends on your circumstances.

No.1/2018) - New regulations provide for the introduction of universal credit in specified postcode areas in Northern Ireland from 17 January 2018 to 7 March 2018 More about universal credit in Northern Ireland Universal credit roll-out in Northern Ireland (16 January 2018): Government publishes postcodes to which universal credit will roll-out in Northen Ireland between January and March 2018 More about universal credit in Northern Ireland New regulations in Scotland (4 January 2018): Universal Credit (Claims and Payments) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2017 (SSI.If every Auxiliary Operational Facility included one chart updating mission on each of their scheduled patrols this year, we would make a large dent in the list of needed chart corrections on your area NOAA charts.There may be over 3 million chart updating opportunities out there at this moment.No.436/2017) - New regulations that provide for the extension of flexible payment arrangements for universal credit claimants in Scotland More about universal credit in Scotland New Upper Tribunal judgment (2 January 2018): CUC/1808/2017 - Consideration must be given as to whether the 35 hour work search requirement should be reduced or lifted More universal credit case law New Upper Tribunal judgment (7 December 2017): CUC/2385/2016 - Whether a room needs to be able to accommodate a separate bedside table and clothes storage to be classed as a bedroom More universal credit case law Roll-out in Northern Ireland (15 November 2017) - Welfare Reform (Northern Ireland) Order 2015 (Commencement No.9 and Transitional and Transitory Provisions) Order 2017 (SR.

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