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Open the App Store to look for updates to your apps. Look at the About this Mac (in the Apple menu) to see that you now have Yosemite installed.

Hi All, I have a Powerbook G4 (1.5GHz, 1GB RAM etc) running OS X 10.4.3. I would like to run Adobe CS3 suite but apparently I need 10.4.8 to run. Under the Archive and install option there's a checkmark that says PRESERVE USER SETTINGS which will assure your user accounts and Data do not get altered.

Upgrading to 10.4 from 10.4 comes highly recommended as it is a genuine improvement on 10.3. When attampting to run ANY update (this one is 10.4.7 Combo PPC), I get the following error. Hi Strung, I appreicate your continued support on this one.

Hello Mocquery: your Powerbook appears to meet the hardware requirements. I think ignore the folder icon, it's only becasue I changed it. Apple's update app does not report any available updates.

If that doesn't work i think the next step would be to back up all your files and do a full format of the Hard Drive, making sure the disk is formatted using Mac OS Extended File system, then once again re-installing Tiger. Double check to make sure you are in fact running 10.4.3 by pulling down the Apple Menu to About This Mac.

I know it stinks to have to re-install the whole OS but this situation seems extremely odd considering you have done all the steps correctly and the Mac OS updater for some reason isn't recognizing what version of OS you currently have installed. Download and install the Mac PPC 10.4.9 combo updater: are currently running OSX 10.3 called Panther. To upgrade to 10.4 and then 10.4.8 you'll need to BUY the OSX 10.4 Tiger DVD from the Apple Store or you may get it on Amazon or elsewhere (perhaps e Bay or other interesting places if you look). OSX 10.4 Tiger is an improvement on 10.3 and has features such as Spotlight, Automator etc.

A mathematical improbability exists to test all combinations of software and hardware compatible with Macs. Click Restart to restart your computer and install Yosemite. If you want to set up i Cloud, sign in with your Apple ID. She's written several books on the topic, and is probably working on another one right now. Not all software will work on Yosemite, so you should make a note of the apps that won't work, so you can update them or remove them. Click Allow to allow your Mac to be used with “Find My Mac.” 14. Jennifer Kyrnin has been building websites since 1995, and teaching others how to do it since 1997. released its fourth update to Mac OS X 10.0 "Cheetah", Mac OS X 10.0.4, on June 21, 2001.Until September 26, 2001, Mac users were left in a void, with no further Mac OS X updates from Apple. The update expands external device support for i Tunes burning, and offers a significant number of improvements for USB devices.

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For that you will need to go to Old Mac OS X Speed.

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