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However, a common new feature of most GPS watches these days is their waterproofing, in this case up to 50m.This means that it is perfectly protected to be used when swimming, or any other water based activity, meaning I gave it a try.Therefore, these algorithms are capable of analysing and correcting for this when open water swimming.

This means that by knowing the length of the pool, the total elapsed distance would be easily calculated by also knowing the number of lengths you had done.This comes with some problems such as not being able to see any activity data in real time, however from personal use, this isn’t too key whilst swimming and also isn’t the easiest to view in mirkier water.Another consideration may also be the Forerunner falling out the back of the cap so make sure it is tightly fitted!Each time a length is completed – in my case, 50m – the time for that length can be recorded by pressing the lap button.This is not the easiest manoeuvre as you have to break your stroke pattern to reach to your opposite wrist, however it doesn’t cause too many problems.

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Tide data is completely wrong for my location (it even says "fremantle Western Australia"), only caches 7 days of tide data too, which means you're mostly reliant on a Blue tooth internet connection - in which case it defeats the purpose, you might as well just use your smart phone to check the tide in that case!

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