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We are behind the USA, but I do think we will get updates more regularly once the deal with navteq for export Mygigs has been sorted, which, currently, it hasnt.

2012 Jeep Compass Sport, Kenwood dnx570HD Nav with sat radio and backup camera,silverstar headlight bulbs,window gaurds,seat covers, Autodim review mirrow w/compass.

Future: 12v constant power outlet, tow hitch, leather??

If you require an update disc, you will find them on the internet, or, send me a pm. On my My Gig it say to go to the Navteq web site to get updates for the sat nav.

btw, this is also where you go to enable the HFM "hands free module" to activate your Uconnect but you have to buy the little .95 mopar microphone to work....

You will see some other little things in there too so dont get carried away playing too much.

your dealer can and should update yours to the latest sofeware on demand when you pop in!!! as for the Tom TOM having roads that are not yet finished, i have a Tom Tom in CARMA cally and her new roads are OUT by a good 150 Yards from where they have been built!!! ) There are *no* map discs available from the dealerships.

This is because the Mygig units are supplied complete with everything on the hard drive.

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