Updating netapp firmware

For latest releases of WDLXTV for WDTV Live and WDTV Live Plus check here. NOTE: The above information applies to both WDTV Live and the new WDTV Live Plus, not the original WDTV HD or the more recent WDTV HD Gen2.

If you are looking for a custom firmware for the original WDTV check here. - 2011-08-20 * 1.05.04 based WDLXTV-Live & WDLXTV-Plus available * 1.05.04 versions rebuilt & redesigned from scratch (b-rad) * script consolidation & memory footprint reduction (b-rad) * new blocki compatibility (b-rad) *** saves 17MB memory on WDLXTV-Plus!

* 1.06.15_V fff & 1.06.16_B_G fff used *** mandatory fff flash for 3TB support!

The forums are an excellent source for advice and I highly suggest you check them out. In addition if there are any packs, containing self sufficient application packages, on a boot drive they will be loaded.

There is currently a transmission BT app pack and a couple others if you check the forums.

Features included in WDLXTV-Live/Plus: NOTE: I am not responsible for anything crazy that might happen during the process of flashing this firmware.

Nothing should go wrong and everything should work accordingly, BUT if it does…

There is also a README included in every releases zip, which contains default passwords and other information, you are highly suggested to read it. If you are a power user then you’ll be able to harness your Linux skills and fly off into the world of homebrew, wondering why you delayed any longer than you did.set your connected network to favorite in the network menu * fixed multi file /conf/no-untar bug (bagira) * added output to webend UMSP SVN plugin downloading * updated UMSP plugin enabling system * fixed Samba/rtorrent issues when SSHPORT is set * lowered rtorrents cpu priority * updated psychodad's autores, now supports audio/subtitle channel selection - 2010-08-10 * recompiled rtorrent with proper xml-rpc support for rutorrent * upgraded to rutorrent-3.1 * rutorrent plugins are started when rtorrent starts so RSS/etc work immediately * fixed issue causing rtorrent not to restart if it was started with RTORRENT_DIR not set * fixed rtorrent 'pausing' issue * included all rutorrent plugins (configure via /conf/rutorrent.plugins.conf) * Zoster's UMSP patches for svn plugin self-enabling * removed deprecated files for lighttpd/deluge/python * fixed typo in untar of /conf/* UMSP SVN plugin download can be disabled (UMSP_SVN=OFF) * disabled IP obtain at boot for faster boot time * upgraded to php5-cgi-5.3.2-1 (fixes pdo.so/suhosin.so/gd.so) * included php5-geoip * included rtmpdump-2.3-1 * random WDLXTV motd * Movie Sheet & WDTVExt plugin Reloader debug messages turned off (see MOVIESHEET_DEBUG & RELOADER_DEBUG) * set PANDORA=OFF to disable pandora binary and save memory hide it from the OSD * actually include bagira's hungarian localization * disabled automatic NTP at boot for faster boot time * Optional WDLXTV census, disabled by default (to enable WDLXTV_CENSUS=ON) * changed all symlinks in /var from /tmp - /tmp/.root/var, so they aren't lost to the clutter * fixed ifconfig calling net.mounts at boot, pausing OSD if DISABLE_ETHERNET_ON_STANDBY=ON * updated net.mounts examples to include ro flag to prevent Spinning-Circle-Of-Doom * changed xmount to mount CIFS/NFS ro if rw is not explicitly specified to prevent SCOD * changed jaggy Shoutcast icon with Psycho THC's shoutcast icon *** BUGS: * no thumbs in first two levels of local folders view (still) * unrar button in webend is broken * pibos WDTVExt dynamic extension software integrated * thespecialist's WMAPro audio support * psychodad's autoframerate/resolution patch * recliq's moviesheet plugin * recliq's WDTVExt plugin manager * Auto Zoom overscan fix during video playback * forcehdmi option for resolutions not contained in EDID * Samba/fixes for missing/nonworking network shares * Zosters's UMSP-0.14 with searching capability * OK button comes before cancel in network share login & resume message boxes * UMSP plugins are pulled from svn on boot, enable them individually through webend * multi-file custom UMSP plugins enabled (/conf//conf/umsp-plugins.tgz) * fixed peristent video resume points file on local device; video_resume_point_table * Setting for password protected Samba shares with guest read only access * Samba debug level can be set * fixed /boot with FS * webend symlink permission fixes * youtube HD fix * rtorrent-0.8.6-1 included * rutorrent-3.0 included * ffmpeg-SVN-r22988 included * curl_7.20.0-3 included * new user supplied init.d script now avaiable: /conf/S99user-script * sorted path/plugin errors (mostly) in rutorrent * linksheets disabled, recliq's WDTVExt movisheet plugin enabled * Python removed * Deluge removed * fixed load.webplugin bug causing rogue setup links in webend * included mediainfo-0.7.25 * included apache2 * ability to set custom telnet/ssh ports * /dev/sda1 is now fsck'd if root.bin/FS exists at boot * included tcpdump-3.9.8 * fixed domain wide auth * updated osd pages to * jamiroo's corrected spanish localization * Techflaws.org's corrected german localization * avkiev's corrected russian localization * jamiroo's catalan localization * Staduk's Greek localization * bagira's Hungarian localization * Re MARKable's dutch localization * moved deluge/nzbget/umsp/webend web dirs to /usr/share * lots of extra logging in scripts for bug report in webend * mount.watch rewritten - usb hubbed devices now mounted under the slot they're plugged into (media library = off) * tons & tons of bug patches & minor enhancements/tweaks * updated to official fw 1.02.21!!!* official Movie Sheet release, includes titi's wall & sheet templates * included Xmodpt's coolsmile irc & filemanager webend mods * UMSP customization (/conf/for custom Media-Items) * updated derlinuxers webplugin scripts; add system&plugin daemon status & start/stop * domain wide auth to protect web services * updated nzbget to 0.7.0-r380 & nzbgetweb to 1.4-t7 * included unpackfs-0.0.6 * included subversion-1.6.9-r901367 * included Image Magic-6.6.1-4 * changed nzbget default Dest Dir from /boot - /tmp (must change before using!!!(1.02.21-wdlxtv-live) * fixed Shoutcast bugs with favorites and channels with more than 50 stations (wdlxtv-live/plus) * updated RMerlins webend configurator; now with hooks, new input types, and bugfixes * new UMSP plugin configuration interface using the webend configurator * the WDTVExt plugins menu can be hidden now (recliq) (1.02.21-wdlxtv-live) * all menus can be selectively hidden (1.02.21-wdlxtv-live) * added FTPD_OPTIONS for custom pure-ftpd options & binaries for virtual users (recliq) * included shunte's dynamacized revision3 UMSP plugin with thumbs * all UMSP plugins have web config pages (shunte) * fix SSH server issue when SSHPORT=22 * granularized wdlxtv.watch * updated wdtvext plugin scanning, osd (then disk) plugins override system plugins (recliq) (1.02.21-wdlxtv-live) * Krypto's Media Mark WDTVExt plugin rewritten and integrated (recliq) * Samba 3.5.1 compiled and included for Win7 support (RMerlin) * network drivers updated (wdlxtv-g2) * automagic network driver detector (wdlxtv-g2) * fixed broken picture viewing (wdlxtv-g2) * fixed youtube HD (RMerlin & ramanvijay) * slimmed down geo IP db * mod_php removed to save space * lots of webend tweaks (RMerlin) * clean up shell errors * fixed suspend & resume scripts * leave telnet enabled on suspend * rescan devices on wake up from suspend * quieted lots of errors * fixed unrar web plugin (RMerlin) * sort & filter blkid webend page * added 'XML UMSP Items Plugin' support (bagira) * credits page mods * fixed Opera webend authorization issues (RMerlin) * changed osd browse high speed scan numbers to 60% of amount of page items - 2010-10-13 * fix netflix (wdlxtv-plus) * fix FORCEHDMI mismatch (wdlxtv-plus) * enable FORCEHDMI (maybe??) (wdlxtv-plus) * fix missing webend background when LINKSHEETS=ON (wdlxtv-plus/g2) * fix video play causing system crash (wdlxtv-g2) * include /etc/ppp stub for pptp support - 2010-10-10 * enabled linksheets in wdlxtv-plus for temporary moviesheet solution (wdlxtv-plus/g2) * lowered linksheets priority to idle (wdlxtv-plus/g2) * updated psychodad's autores to 0.52 (include forced subtitle detection) (wdlxtv-live/g2) * updated RMerlin's wdlxtv webend configurator (tabbed, save/restore, power actions) (wdlxtv-live/plus) * fixed missing webend buttons (wdlxtv-live/plus) * fixed rtorrent renice value (changed from max to idle) (wdlxtv-live/plus) * fixed hubbed device hotplugging * included chkntfs * ffmpeg updated to SVN-r34233 * included FAVEMOTD selection for shell profile * fixed RT73 wireless driver (wdlxtv-g2) * added ZYDAS12xx wireless driver (wdlxtv-g2) * patched dmaosd to unify themes between g2 & live (wdlxtv-g2) - 2010-09-29 * included RMerlins's webend wdlxtv configurator * fixed dev/null bug in wdlxtv.watch * split webend index menu's into an include for use by plugins * NTP fix for netflix (wdlxtv-plus) * lots&lots of small webend fixes & tweaks * changed online-restart-monitor to ping instead of * updated revision3 UMSP plugin to liskl's expanded version - 2010-09-25 * added enable/disable of daemons to webend daemon panel * fixed rutorrent RSS plugin * fixed rutorrent plugin global settings * fixed non-login $PATH for ssh * lots of reloader updates (recliq) * reloader images moved to /osd/image/Reloader_* for theming * included link to enable/disable WDLXTV_CENSUS in webend * fixed webend mount table not showing cifs * fixed NTP with wireless for wdlxtv-plus * perlmagick-8: * removed broken unrar button from webend * telnetd killed on reboot to disconnect shells * fixed bugs with unionfs xmounts * wget recompiled with ssl support (philou) - 2010-09-02 * added unionfs filesystem to xmount (see net.mounts for example) * updated WDTVExt plugins menu, bugfixes & new features (recliq) * fixed 'network shares' area not working as well when ENABLE_SAMBA_SHARE=0 * speed up moviesheet search & display * fixed shoutcast channels with more than 50 listings not showing * fixed shoutcast favorites not saving in live365 switcher * patched bugs in Movie Sheet plugin, plus sped up display of sheets * fixed std mode moviesheet view in list & audio/photo views (recliq) * fixed wireless IPUP & NTP detection.

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