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They happened to be leaning toward yellow which (as seen in the example here) does not work.They were under the impression that because their white walls looked blah, they needed to warm things up a bit.This past month I consulted with homeowners with Builder Grade Oak Cabinets to select a wall color that would enhance the wood.They were stumped as far as which direction to go in so they made the decision to call me for a Paint Consultation.This floor tile is also common in kitchens like this.There must of been a really BIG sale back in the 90’s when this stuff was popular!Top 5 Wall Colors For Oak Cabinets: There are hundreds more but you can’t go wrong with these picks. If yes, you can feel confident that any of these colors will work on your walls, providing your flooring is either wood or a very neutral tile. If you need specific help and are interested in working together, I’m only a phone call or email away…Check out my affordable E-design services if you are not local or just need a quick online consultation.

I think things like the beadboard in the bookcase/skylights and the end panel we put on the side of the bookcase, the elegant sink/faucet are the touches that make a DIY job look professional and polished.

Replacement doors and drawer fronts for discontinued door styles can still be ordered for 5 years after they were discontinued, so please contact us if you need replacements.

We need to know the size and configuration of the cabinet that they are for, as well as whether the cabinet is the all-plywood construction or particleboard, since the hinges are different.

The Van Wyke Thermofoil door style is discontinued as of June 29, 2017.

Other door styles discontinued in November 2016 are the Dryden Rustic Birch, Grayson Maple, and Nantucket Thermofoil.

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Beth Sears recently sent me photos of her updated oak kitchen inspired by my extremely popular post about White Kitchens.

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