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Forth says the Mint Web app will get the main features it needs to be a credible alternative to Quicken: bill payment and more serious investment tracking. Meanwhile, Quicken 2012 gets a re-skin and some good but hardly ground-breaking updates.

It now uses Mint's categorization engine, so it can auto-file expenses more accurately, and it connects directly to 18,000 financial institutions, up from about 6,000.

Grabbing one of these secret backup copies of the Quicken data file may just work. If, for some unfortunate reason, the only copy you have of your Quicken data seems to have become corrupted, you can have Quicken try to rebuild the file.

To do so, choose File→File Operations→Validate and Repair and enter the name of the file you want rebuilt in the File Name text box.

Really big updates are coming, Forth says, in "the next version of Quicken." I'll wait and without holding my breath even for a second.

I recommend that other users wait as well, except for those who are still using Quicken 2008 or previous.

Select the newest automatic backup file and then click OK. So suppose that you’ve tried the approach described in the preceding paragraph, and it didn’t work. You have to re-enter all the transactions for the entire year. If you have copies of the registers, of course, you can use these as your information source to re-enter the information in your files.

Quicken uses that file to restore the current file. If you don’t have copies of the registers, you need to use your bank statements and any other paper financial records you have.

It will help you manage repayment plans for paying off multiple credit cards, for example."The platform of the future is Mint," Forth told me.Not reassuring words to an old Quicken user like me, nor perhaps to the large but dwindling proportion of the population that relies on the old app to manage their personal finances.If you have hard drive problems or another recurring problem, whatever fouled up your file this time may rear its ugly head again — and soon. To do so, you follow the same file restoration steps, with one minor exception.What do you do if you haven’t backed up your files in a while and you lose all the data in your Quicken files? After you choose the Restore From Backup command, look at the list of automatic (secret) backup files that Quicken has squirreled away on your computer. This method isn’t quick, and it isn’t pretty, but it works.

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