Updating the rules for pipe sizing

The general idea of trains or other transportation traveling through evacuated tubes dates back more than a century, although the atmospheric railway was never a commercial success.Musk first mentioned that he was thinking about a concept for a "fifth mode of transport", calling it the Hyperloop, in July 2012 at a Pando Daily event in Santa Monica, California.Hyperloop One's system does away with the compressor.In the alpha-level concept, passenger-only pods are to be 7 ft 4 in (2.23 m) in diameter A number of routes have been proposed for Hyperloop systems that meet the approximate distance conditions for which a Hyperloop is hypothesized to provide improved transport times.An ideal hyperloop system will be more energy-efficient, quiet, and autonomous than existing modes of mass transit.Musk has also invited feedback to "see if the people can find ways to improve it".The vactrain concept theoretically eliminates these obstacles by employing magnetically levitating trains in evacuated (airless) or partly evacuated tubes, allowing for speeds of thousands of miles per hour.However, the high cost of maglev and the difficulty of maintaining a vacuum over large distances has prevented this type of system from ever being built.

The second Hyperloop pod competition took place from August 25 - 27, 2017.

The paper conceived of a hyperloop system that would propel passengers along the 350-mile (560 km) route at a speed of 760 mph (1,200 km/h), allowing for a travel time of 35 minutes, which is considerably faster than current rail or air travel times.

Preliminary cost estimates for this LA–SF suggested route were included in the white paper——although transportation analysts had doubts that the system could be constructed on that budget; some analysts claimed that the Hyperloop would be several billion dollars overbudget, taking into consideration construction, development and operation costs.

That conceptual system would begin around Sylmar, just south of the Tejon Pass, follow Interstate 5 to the north, and arrive near Hayward on the east side of San Francisco Bay.

Several proposed branches were also shown in the design document, including Sacramento, Anaheim, San Diego, and Las Vegas.

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This hypothetical high-speed mode of transportation would have the following characteristics: immunity to weather, collision free, twice the speed of a plane, low power consumption, and energy storage for 24-hour operations.

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