Updating the theory of mutation

Now mutated viruses inject genetic information into the wrong cells, where it causes havoc and disease.Time, chance, struggle, and death reward the immediate victors in Darwin’s war of nature, but they ruin a relationship God had originally created for the benefit of life on earth.) genetic information multiplies along with the cell.In genetic engineering labs today, scientists use viruses as carriers and splicers of genetic information.I’ve already told you that I’m an evolutionist turned creationist, so this may surprise you: I don’t believe we live in the world God created!Or, at least, we don’t live in the world as God created it.Meantime, DNA defects are also responsible for a host of hereditary diseases, some fatal and many debilitating: sickle-cell anemia, galactosemia, PKU, Tay-Sachs disease, hemophilia A, and a few thousand others, and gene defects are responsible for some cancers and perhaps for some aspects of the aging process.Time, the usual hero of the evolutionary plot, only makes matters worse.

Some people may even be resistant to the AIDS virus because they don’t have the receptor protein it needs to get into their cells.Perhaps God, the ultimate Genetic Engineer, designed viruses as gene carriers, especially for bacteria, which are incredibly streamlined for genetic efficiency and rapid response to environmental stimuli.Then with the corruption of creation came mutations affecting both viral docking and cellular receptor proteins.ID scientists who want to avoid any reference to the Bible can give at least a partial answer to the problem of imperfection.After all, essentially all of the examples of imperfection used to taunt intelligent design—viruses, mutations, diseases, birth defects, so-called “vestigial” (functionless) organs, etc.—are examples of breakdowns in previously well-designed systems.

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Natural selection is no real help in explaining the origin of really new species, but it’s great for explaining how and where different specialized subtypes of the various created kinds “multiplied and filled the earth” after death corrupted the creation and, again, after the Flood.

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