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If your Trainz PC is not connected to the internet, or you want to download and apply the patch manually, you can download it here: (Click to view Service Pack change list) A hot fix patch has been released for TS2010 SP3 that contains a fix for the issue some users were seeing where Trainz would hang indefinitely when saving a route or session.

Further minor changes are also added to save functionality to ensure greater stability.

Further there was a desire to identify their originating author, and thus who owned their copyrights under international law, so that Auran could safeguard their ownership. Pre-TRS2006 versions of Trainz require assets to be created manually and therefore KUIDs must be assigned manually.

In TRS2006 and later CMP automatically assigns a KUID when you click 'new asset' or 'clone asset'.

If you are unsure if you need to apply these patches, please wait until we put them on the autopatcher, and they will apply themselves as necessary.

Using Programmer's Notepad's multiple-TAB panes in Windows to juggle data Managing Trainz assets.

We've also improved the alpha blending in compatibility mode at the expense of lower performance on some cards.

See the folders in your ..\User Data\local\hashfolders directories.The central part of a KUID is an author's Trainz ID code number, which will be common to every asset he creates.This feature was introduced with the original Trainz 0.9 Beta prototype to organize asset component files into separate folders and in order to facilitate cataloging of assets as the earliest version of what became the Download Station (Online free library) of assets was in need of a built-in data structure to track differences between several similar assets, and also a reliable means of using the correct specified asset—for all too many names could overwrite one another if only asset-names were used as folder names in the primitive organization of HDD data of that era.Hotfix 1 for Trainz Simulator 12 is available via auto-patch so you will be prompted to download and install the patch when you start the game.You need to have your Trainz PC connected to the internet and your Planet Auran account details entered in the Launcher settings to use the auto-patch feature.

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