Validating firefox with dreamweaver

Because the Drag AP Element behavior must be called before the visitor can drag the AP element, you should attach Drag AP Element to the section of your document.

(The function retains the old naming convention for AP elements [that is, “Layer”] so that layers created in previous versions of Dreamweaver will remain editable.) In addition to registering the AP element as draggable, this function defines three properties for each draggable AP element——that you can use in your own Java Script functions to determine the relative horizontal position of the AP element, the relative vertical position of the AP element, and whether the AP element has reached the drop target.

There is usually no need to attach the Jump Menu behavior to an object by hand.

You can edit an existing jump menu in either of two ways: The Jump Menu Go behavior is closely associated with the Jump Menu behavior; Jump Menu Go lets you associate a Go button with a jump menu.

You cannot detect specific plug‑ins in Internet Explorer using Java Script.

However, selecting Flash or Director will add the appropriate VBScript code to your page to detect those plug‑ins in Internet Explorer on Windows.

The Popup Message behavior displays a Java Script alert with the message you specify.

(You can write the script yourself, or you can use code provided by various freely available Java Script libraries on the web.)Use the Check Plugin behavior to send visitors to different pages depending on whether they have the specified plug‑in installed.

For example, you might want visitors to go to one page if they have Shockwave and another page if they do not.

Plug‑in detection is impossible in Internet Explorer on Mac OS.

The Drag AP Element behavior lets the visitor drag an absolutely positioned (AP) element.

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But if the visitor selects the same item that’s already chosen in the jump menu, the jump doesn’t occur.

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