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The passwords are never sent to Azure AD or stored in Azure AD in clear text.Some premium features of Azure AD, such as Identity Protection, require PHS regardless of which authentication method is selected.Simply choose what information you want to show and start sharing.We have some great tools help you add your digital card to your blog or email signature and link to your mii Card from your favorite social accounts.You can read about the DVLA changes in our news story.

With the cloud-only model, you manage your user accounts in Office 365 only.Because changing this configuration later can be difficult, carefully consider the options to determine what works best for the needs of your organization.You can choose from two main authentication models in Office 365 to set up and manage user accounts; cloud authentication and federated authentication.Office 365 uses the cloud-based user identity and authentication service Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to manage users.Choosing if identity management is configured between your on-premises organization and Office 365 is an early decision that is one of the foundations of your cloud infrastructure.

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"A product like mii Card has the potential to become a ubiquitous global technology, much as Paypal has become an accepted utility for paying bills." - Microsoft Meet our Partners » Find out more on our blog or as a developer mii Card is a free service that puts you in control of your identity, taking the trust you already have with your online bank and the protection of strong authentication, to help you do everything from shopping, to proving your social accounts, trading on e Bay and even buying a house - entirely online.

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