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To get notified, you can use the following events exposed by the Rad Grid View control: It is important to know that each one of the validation events is fired only when the user is trying to commit new data in the Rad Grid View control.

They do not occur when the Rad Grid View loads data.

Displaying a Combo Box in Cell Frequently, besides displaying text in a cell you may want to display a drop-down list box to allow users to select from a list of pre-determined values.

In this case, you need to add a Combo Box to the cells in the desired column.

The Cell Validating event occurs always before the Cell Validated event when the edited cell is about to lose its focus.

If the focus is moved to a cell in the same row, then no other events occur.

If the focus is moved to a cell in another row, then both Row Validating and Row Validated are fired, containing the whole row data, including the new and the old values of the edited cells.

Header Text = "Types" '---add items to it--- combo Box Col.

Row Validating gives you the power to stop the commit process on a row level obeying some internal rules of your application.

For example, it might not be allowed for a row to contain equal values in two specific columns as well as any other kind of relations between the values of a single row.

Data Source = bindingsource '---add a combobox column to the Data Grid View control--- Data Grid View1. Add(combo Box Col) The previous code showed how you can bind a Binding Source control (containing a list of items to let the users choose) to a Data Grid View Combo Box Column control inside a Data Grid View control.

Add("Price", "Price") '---create a new bindingsource control--- Dim bindingsource As New Binding Source '---add the items into the control--- bindingsource. Header Text = "Types" '---data bind it--- combo Box Col.

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