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I hope this plan works out cause what great TV it will create!

Calderon spent five years as an assistant coach for the nationally ranked Long Beach State University Women's Volleyball team. At camp, the women were getting annoyed with the men's egos. Aitu won the next two challenges, sending Raro to Tribal Council.

In addition, Calderon is currently co-director and head trainer for the all-girls Mizuno Long Beach Volleyball Club. felt no sympathy for Billy's "love at first sight" with Candice, dismissing it as a lie and claiming him to be untrustworthy.

Calderon enjoys being a mentor to kids and hopes to one day open a sports facility for children. At Tribal Council, Billy announced he had fallen in love with Candice Woodcock, and he was voted out.

The interview with Instinct Editor In Chief Mike Wood took place as “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency” crew followed the two of them around the set of the cover shoot.

Calderon, star of “Survivor: Cook Islands,” comes out to Instinct Magazine in an exclusive interview that lands him the cover of the publications February swimsuit issue. He also has worked as a bartender at the Long Beach gay bar, The Silver Fox.

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