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Saving money for the future and investing intelligently come easily to a grounded, practical Virgo – she always has a nest egg tucked away for a rainy day.

Health and well-being are important characteristics to Virgo women, so they love gifts related to body-care and holistic wellness.

Being an earth sign, however, these ladies really shine when creating something tangible from their inspiration.

Virgoan gals may seem like shy and retiring personalities on the surface, but keep an eye out for the frenetic activity they’re creating behind the scenes – these go-getters are the ones to watch when it comes to big business and the arts, and they’re particularly adept when it comes to combining the two.

It’s easy to become bogged down in all the tiny details, though a Virgo is adept at untangling the labyrinth provided that no one comes through behind them trying to “help.” Group projects will run into common scenarios where Virgo woman refuses to delegate tasks (and thus potentially sacrifice perfection) and so will stay up all night doing all the work herself, to ensure that everything is just right.

This earth-centered sign shines when running her own business and investing in herself and a vision that is her own – especially when she can hire equally dedicated and detail-oriented managers and assistants to interface with employees and the public.

Work and personal identity tend to be intrinsically linked to the traits of these women, and they naturally excel at branding.

) The love of a Virgo woman is poetry in motion, a portrait in devotion.

When this deeply romantic earth sign gives you her heart, she wants it to be forever.

Gift certificates for massage and acupuncture and well as facials will be very appreciated here – especially at a high-end spa with nontoxic products.

If there is bathhouse locally, take her to steam in the sauna, get an exfoliating body scrub, and make a day of it together.

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