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Radiocarbon and OSL (optically stimulated luminescence) dates on the Beaumont/Prairie Formation range from roughly 28,000 to about 135,000 calendar years B. Mc Faddin Beach alone has produced more Clovis points than any single county in the state of Texas — over a hundred of them.

Its nearest competitor, Gaines County in west Texas, has less than a third as many known Clovis points.

Assessing the rate of rise in the Gulf is complicated by the fact that eustatic sea level indicators in the Gulf of Mexico tend to plot higher than contemporaneous indicators elsewhere in the world (for discussion, see the reference by Simms and others in “Sources”).

The oldest radiocarbon dated shell or peat samples cored from the northern Gulf are about 19,700 calendar years old. D.), the shoreline was approximately in its present position.

The Texas coastline is a dynamic environment where sand can either be added or subtracted by currents and storm surges, and Mc Faddin Beach is a place where net erosion of sand has been taking place, flanked on either side by areas of net accretion.

Despite this, it is clear that the artifacts are washing ashore from the Gulf, not eroding out from deposits behind the beach.

A few of the artifacts have marine organisms (barnacles or bryozoa) attached.

Archeologists use the terms to refer to accumulations like this.Even the Gault site in central Texas has produced less than half as many Clovis points, despite years of intensive excavation.As a result, Mc Faddin Beach shows up as a conspicuous hot spot on both state and national distribution maps of Paleoindian points.In 1983, avocational archeologist Paul Tanner of Port Arthur began keeping detailed locational records of artifacts found on the beach, and over time became the chief field researcher for the site.At about the same time, the Minerals Management Service in the US Department of the Interior became concerned about the possible impact of petroleum exploration and recovery on submerged archeological sites on the continental shelf, and commissioned some studies of the seafloor geology.

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