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In 2006, she became the only woman to reserve a position in the Rolling Stone readers' list of the "25 Most Underrated Guitarists of All Time".Talking about her personal life, she is openly a lesbian.Brownstein herself saw no clues about her dad: “Only in retrospect can I find clues to my father’s gayness.” I ask Carrie about this over the phone while she is in Los Angeles, on the day she is getting ready to share the stage with Amy Poehler at a local bookstore to discuss Did Brownstein feel a closer connection to her father after he came out to her?Given that Brownstein was out at the time and part of the queer-friendly, feminist riot grrrl scene, her answer is surprising. Whatever their relationship is, may they find peace in this suspicious and rather nosy world of ours. As for outing, maybe we'll come to the day when you aren't outed, you just are.The stakes must always be high, or else Carrie Brownstein isn’t interested.“I see the importance of visibility and think that it can be corrosive to be hidden, but I don’t think anybody ‘owes’ anything.I think that kind of terminology is dangerous — this ‘owing.’ I think we need to change the conversation from ‘Do you owe me this? ’” There are artists such as Mykki Blanco, Angel Haze, and Le1f, who are usually labeled as "queer" artists.

Outing has certainly been perfected since the days I was outed.

Brownstein is keenly aware that the adjective precedes the word artist.

No one wants to be known for just one label, and no career can be defined by any single label.

“It’s so easy for people on the outside to try to posit personal experiences into a political context, and terms like ‘queer identity’ — sure, I can look from the outside and think that, but from a personal perspective, no.” Brownstein felt closer to her father after discovering his truth, but it because she's also queer. In relation to my father, I wasn’t couching it in terms of, well, now we share a ‘queer identity’ — that seems like a slightly political way of looking at it.

I was just really grateful he was happier.” Many celebrities have come out on their own terms recently, such as Ellen Page, Ricky Martin, and Michael Sam. Sleater-Kinney was on the rise in 1996, and was the biggest national magazine to profile the group.

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