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Sure, he came from a simpler background than others who have filled the role.And yes, he ultimately decided to go home from Season 11 still single. Let’s look at what Brad’s doing these days, and see if we weren’t all a little too harsh?One of the most surprising things about the most recent season of The Bachelor is the fact that its star, Austin bar owner Brad Womack, has managed to stay out of the spotlight since his breakup with willowy blonde Emily Maynard.Though Womack proposed to Maynard on the show's season finale with a huge sparkler courtesy of Neil Lane, the relationship barely lasted longer than the show's run.In a tearful interview with The Bachelor host Chris Harrison, Emily said: "We're no longer engaged." She apparently opted to tape the interview for an upcoming Bachelorette episode to curtail "all the media speculation" so that she and her six-year-old girl could "move on and get back to normal." Womack's apparently taking the split hard – as well as with a lot of personal blame. Read Full Story Naysayers said they wouldn't last..they might not.The Bachelor's studly marriage-seeker Brad Womack and his lady of choice Emily Maynard are "on and off," Emily's mom told People.

Bachelorette star De Anna Pappas is going to be a mom.

Until Juan Pablo came along in Season 18, Brad Womack was audience’s least favorite bachelor.

While there was some upset through the season, there always is.

They confirmed the end of their engagement in May amid...

Read Full Story UPDATE: As reported below a month ago, it is now confirmed that Emily and Brad are no longer together.

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