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As detailed to Closer by a friend, it certainly isn’t sexy.

It’s important to me that my Italian people know she just used her ex husband’s “Italian” name “Pirro” to fool all the Italians to vote for her in the past political elections, but, that won’t ever happen again, her political career is over. Judge Jeanine Pirro, made me more prouder than ever to be an Italian, and my Italian heritage gave me the strength I needed to survive at the hands of a corrupt Arab, and this experience made me become a strong Italian woman, and I never let this dirty, lying, heartless, Arab, get me down.

The cops became corrupt and they began putting false charges on innocent civilians, there were so many false arrests cases and the police brutality was running ramped throughout Westchester County, it was like Nazi Germany.

Pirro is an ugly monster, she’s a real modern day Hitler.

The red carpet appearances are long gone, as are the days when Nicholson would descend on a Los Angeles restaurant, his irrepressible charm and self-confidence — not to mention that wolfish grin — leaving women swooning in his wake.

Tired of the suffocating attention that comes with superstardom, the wolf dines at home now.

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She did anything to win a case so she could be on National TV talking about high profile cases she prosecuted.

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