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An 88-year old Mel still continues to live, with his four children.

"For a very brief time I actually grew up here," said Lucas, who has a film degree from USC, which is just north of the park. On Wednesday morning, the academy is expected to announce its newest class of members, the second such round of invitees since the nearly 90-year-old institution embarked on a concerted effort to diversify its overwhelmingly white and male ranks in the wake of the #Oscars So White controversy that reached a crescendo in 2016.

In February, Lin-Manuel Miranda's "Immigrants, We Get the Job Done" -- a particularly resonant track off 2016's "The Hamilton Mixtape" -- became a sort of protest anthem, with its lyrics scrawled across signs and placards in the aftermath of the announcement of President Trump's 90-day immigration ban.

His personal life mostly consisted of two ladies, leaving aside his other rumored affairs common for any celebrity.

He reportedly started dating her first wife, Florence Baum when both were 20-year old, after his girlfriend went off to Europe for the summer who was incidentally, Florence’s friend and she was the one who helped Mel through his difficult times and then eventually married in 1951.

Mel Brooks is on a hot streak: He was just a Kennedy Center Honoree (along with Dave Brubeck, Robert De Niro, Grace Bumbry and Bruce Springsteen); 20th Century Fox just released "The Mel Brooks Collection" in Blu-ray - a nine-DVD set that includes "Blazing Saddles," "Young Frankenstein" and "Spaceballs," among other classics; and Shout! MB: Yes, I used to do that in the Borscht Belt in the mountains. I amused them with bad jokes, like, 'You can't keep Jews in jail.

Factory has released "The 2000 Year Old Man: The Complete History," a three-CD, one-DVD set that collects the various incarnations in which Carl Reiner, the world's greatest straight man, interviews a visitor who's survived since ancient times and who speaks in a thick Jewish accent to hilarious effect. They eat lox.' Or '[I was dating] a girl who was so thin the waiter said, "Can I check your umbrella?

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