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Now I’ve told y’all before michelle williams is an ALM kinda girl so that’s why she doesn’t have a problem marrying him and into his family now will y’all finally support my request to replace her with Le Toya in Destinys Child?pic.twitter.com/1Ng E0xjya7— Bejá the Babe (@belledae) April 24, 2018It’s a family of racists and yes michelle’s skeletor lookin ass fits right on in, idc how many black kids they’ve helped or black people they’ve had sexual relations with don’t take away from the fact that they rulers of the sunken place.

“I think it’s dating someone who is doing their thing in their field.

“That amazing feeling of getting off the stage, running back to the dressing room and I see someone standing there waiting for me! Soooooooo sorry I jumped on you but I’m glad to know you have muscles to hold me! 😂😂” She added: “I’ve waited yeeeeeeears for someone who could come in to my world and be CONFIDENT and NOT insecure, love who I love and genuinely be there for people!! ” The pastor, who is also a motivational speaker and sports chaplain for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the L. Dodgers, shared his own Instagram posts congratulating his fiancée on her performance. “ The “If We Had Your Eyes” singer opened up about Johnson in an interview with Refinery29 in December 2017 and revealed that fame and her level of success didn’t affect their relationship.

“Ok can y’all help me celebrate @michellewilliams one more time for coming out on that stage and looking like the dawggone new Lara Croft “TOMB Raider”‼,” he captioned a post. “I never thought about that with him because I remember noticing that I’m totally able to be myself.

After news of Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams’ engagement, many have been hungry for more information about the man she’d been dating.

Now, it’s being claimed that Chad Johnson is a Donald Trump supporter.

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