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He is married to Elizabeth and is the direct superior of Neal, Diana, and Jones. Peter is a no-nonsense, by-the-book agent, who is extremely devoted to his wife.

After teaming up with Neal, he is forced to enter various awkward situations, including flirting with other women and assuming various aliases (including, in one case, Neal Caffrey).

Neal and Mozzie are ready to give up the treasure for Elizabeth and Neal and Peter work on some bromance trust issues while trying to stall Keller long enough for Diana and Jones to locate Elizabeth.At first, Sara tries to have Neal arrested for the theft of a painting.However, the two, who have a history, eventually begin dating.He easily finds lodging with an elderly woman, June, and the two quickly become close.Throughout the series, Neal helps the FBI solve difficult cases, using his vast knowledge of white collar crime.

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Over the second season, Neal reveals much about his past.

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